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Jusnet internet service provider is a company that has a wide range with a reliable internet connection on all products offered to customers Business, housing, tourism, schools and government to explore the full technology. With the latest technology Internet network, will be able to bring a satisfactory Jusnet customers to access the Internet faster.

Internet Access

Stable and reliable internet access for all your needs. Ranging from small-scale, medium, and enterprise.

Hotspot System

Hotspot system service that is safe and affordable. With the hotspot system, you can regulate the use of the wifi network in your location.

Extra Service

Extra service are additional services according to your needs. Such as CCTV, Web Design, Network Installation, etc.


Get a variety of facilities from us, at MRTG System, IP Public, Cloud, Speed Mode, Forward CCTV, and Support 24 hours.

MRTG System

We have Multi Router Trafic Graph (MRTG) for easy you use report monitoring your traffic, example daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.

IP Public

We have Public IP, just for request. example if you have Data Center or CCTV and Cloud you put Public IP in your router and enjoy your remote or access public area not local area so not same you use Provider.


We have data center or VPS we have space start from 1 Gb until 1 TB. So you will join with us with my cloud. You have account and space for your save in directory.

Speed Mode

If you join with us, we promise for you, we give you Profesional Speed Bandwidth if your agree option contract minimum speed.

Forward CCTV

We give you Public IP and Port Forward put in your DVR Camera. so you will monitor area security in your phone

Support 24 Hours

We have Team Support Professional and ready 24/7 days for fixed your connection. if your connection problem.

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If you are interested with our services, we hope you can communicate with us. Please push the button below.

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I GN Dirgayusa



Head of Technician

Ahmad Munajad

NOC / Head of Software

Rendika Purnama

Head of Troubleshoot


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Head of Accounting

Kadek Pernata

Head of Marketing

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The Wireless Connection problems related to our customers, we immediately responded and quickly solve technical problems even. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any difficulties with connection problems.

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